We have become members of FRIENDS OF EUROPE

We proudly announce that we have become members of Friends of Europe, one of Europe’s leading think tanks.

Friends of Europe is an organization founded in 1999, with headquarters in Brussels. They systematically and critically analyze the work of European institutions, encourage discussion and exchange of views between its members, suggesting how to increase the degree of inclusiveness and sustainability of European policies in national systems of European Union’s member states.

Their activities involve a wide range of actors and partners; European and national institutions, smaller and larger companies, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations, media and academic community.

Their work is guided by the principle of finding innovative soultions, broad participation and transparency, which includes activities such as interactive workshops, online debates, creation of policy proposals based on geographic and demographic diversity, and openness to all stakeholders.

By joining Friend of Europe, Centre Miko Tripalo wants to participate in policy and decision making at European level and to adopt positive practices from other countries in order to implement them in our work, through the exchange of opinion.

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