The main body of Centre Miko Tripalo is the Assembly, which consists of all of the Centre’s members. In 2012 the Centre has 41 members and normally accepts two to three new members every year, depending on their interest and previous involvement in the work and activities of the Centre. The Assembly meets at least once a year to approve the annual report (activities and finances) of the Centre, decide about the program for the upcoming year and the budget of the Centre. The Assembly elects the President of the Assembly (and her deputy), President of the Management Board (and his deputy) and other members of the Board, as well as the President and members of the Supervisory Board. All elected officials have a mandate of three years.
Josip  Kregar
, Assembly President
Gvozden Flego, Assembly Vice-President

Management Board
The Management Board is the executive body of the Centre responsible for managing the organization, including coordinating projects and programs, establishing and maintaining cooperation with other organizations, preparing annual and  financial reports, proposing programmatic and financial plans, implementing the decisions of the Assembly and other activities. The Management Board has five members elected for a term of three years who meet at least once every three months.
Goran Radman, Management Board President
Tvrtko Jakovina, Management Board Vice-President
Vinka Tomić Tripalo
Viktor Gotovac
Velimir Viskovic

President of the Centre
The President of the Centre represents Centre Miko Tripalo in Croatia and abroad, develops and maintains contacts with other national and international associations, as well as other domestic legal entities and governmental bodies. President of the Center may participate in the work of the Management Board as a member with the right to vote.
Stjepan Mesić

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board has three members and is the supervisory body of the Center. It is responsible for the legality of the activities of the Centre, under its Statute, and the supervision of the execution of its financial and programmatic commitments. The Supervisory Board submits an annual report to the Assembly under the conditions set in the Statute.
Branko Roglić,
Supervisory Board President
Maja Pećarević
Branka Tripalo

Scientific Advisory Board
The Scientific Advisory Board is an advisory body of the Centre, made up of prominent scientists and experts, with the goal of reviewing proposals and determining the scientific basis of the Centre’s activities. The Scientific Advisory Board meets at least once a year.

Neven Budak, Scientific Advisory Board President
Ivan Markesic

Zeljko Potocnjak,
Scientific Advisory Board Vice-President
Mihajlo Dika
Vlasta Ilisin

Zdravko Petak
Slaven Ravlic
Zvonko Makovic
Vladimir Puljiz

Executive Director
Vanja Mladineo

Secretary General
Hrvoje Nemet