About the Centre

How We Came to Be?

Centre for Democracy and Law Miko Tripalo was established on 2 July 2003 in Zagreb, by prominent Croatian scientists, members of the academic community and public figures. The Centre was founded as a nonprofit, nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization and was named after Miko Tripalo, one of the most prominent and continuously respected people in Croatian public life in the past five decades. Miko Tripalo was a politician, activist, reformer, dissident, journalist, author and lifelong supporter of the development of pluralistic and socially-just institutions. He firmly believed in the idea of ​​Croatia as a modern, fair, democratic state and an equal member of the European community of nations. The founders of Centre Miko Tripalo considered the life and work of Miko Tripalo to be the embodiment of the ideals of democracy, freedom, equality and responsible participation in government, as well as the expression of their own values ​​and vision of the future of Croatia.