Centre in UNDP RCPAR’s Focal Points Network

Mreža Focal Points RCPAR

At the invitation of UNDP RCPAR (Regional Centre for Public Administration), the Centre Miko Tripalo joined a group of government institutions and organizations of civil society from Eastern, Southern and South-Eastern Europe, as well as from countries of the former Soviet Union in the Focal Points Network of the UNDP’s initiative for public administration reform. This initiative is a result of the cooperation between UNDP’s Regional Centre in Bratislava and the Greek government, who have joined forces with the aim of helping public administration reforms in the region. The Focal Points Network is a virtual community of governmental and non-governmental institutions and experts who deal with public administration reform allowing the networked members to cooperate on project proposals and providing access to each others’ expertise and knowledge. Joining the network and establishing systematic contacts with similar organizations abroad is an important step in the development of the Centre’s international cooperation.