Dear visitors,

Experienced and wise men know that democratic government has its rules and institutions in which we place our trust,  but apart from faith in democratically elected rulers , there must also be a sharpened view of reality, application of rules and the impact of institutions. Democracy needs criticism and challenges. They are necessary for democracy to change and adapt, reform and grow.  The democratization of societies is a process through which we learn. Through which we anxiously ask ourselves: Can it get better? What next? How can we continue?

Centre for Democracy and Law Miko Tripalo was initiated and founded with the idea that democratic society needs forums for discussion, points where people with different opinions meet,  where discussion is not an ideological battleground, but responsible, professional and relevant. Those experienced, professional, wise and open-minded people are the ones we want to bring closer to the Centre. The website before you wants to become your forum, place of discussion, searching and getting information. We want to offer you ideas and hear your opinions.

Democracy has its friends and well-wishers. Very often, they do not know about each other and they can appear as an irrelevant minority when scattered. Gathered and connected they become the voice that the public hears and respects. By visiting this website you support and strengthen our network, create opinions and influence politics. Sometimes one hears that words are ineffective and opinions unimportant. But whoever believes that, should recall the saying: „In the beginning there was the word.“ And Goethe’s supplement, that in the beginning was the act. If you have good and valuable ideas, help us so that they could find their way here.

Democratic and open society has its enemies. They are not people. They are political primitivism, faith in myths and flawless leaders, infatuation by ideologies and national exclusiveness, hate and intolerance.

In politics and law, some say that power is important, but not ideas. But ideas and ideals in politics are like burning firewood or battery light. During the day, in the sunlight, we do not need them and we cannot see them well. But when the night falls and even the faintest light gives security, direction and leadership. In today’s world, there is a lot of knowledge and information, but not so many ideas and ideals. We in Croatia, cannot at the moment look forward to a prosperous spring and a shiny day. Things looks dark and gloomy in politics.

We know and we believe that things will get better. We are a small and rich country, but here and now we lack ideas and positive examples.

Let our firewood burn –  through the light of your computer screen, through your written words.

Josip Kregar
President of the Management Board
Centre for Democracy and Law Miko Tripalo