Mihajlo Dika

Mihajlo DikaTenured professor of civil and procedural law at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. Published numerous papers in the areas of civil action, non-contentious, execution, bankruptcy, private international, comparative process, arbitration and validation law. Major works: Stečajno pravo i pravo prisilne nagodbe /Bankruptcy Law and Mandatory Settlement Law/ (1976), Novo parnično i izvršno pravo /New Litigation and Enforcement Law/ (1991), O biti i granicama pravomoćnosti /On the Essence and the Limits of Finality/ (1992), Insolvencijsko pravo /Insolvency Law/ (1998), Novine u stečajnom i ovršnom postupku /Innovations in Bankruptcy and Enforcement Proceedings/ (2003), Ovršni zakon – redakcijski prošireni tekst /Enforcement Act – Editorial Extended Text/ (2004).