Library and Archive


The Miko Tripalo Library is located in the Centre and includes titles related to subject matters of history, philosophy, politics and law. To enable further use and for its protection, the library was arranged and organized according to current standards for library management.

The program for arranging the books was designed by Stjepan Šimara, librarian at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and it consists of the following activities:

  1. Marking all the books with the stamp of the Centre,
  2. Entering book records into a customized Access application, in accordance with library standards for formal and substantive document processing, allowing entry, searching and cataloging,
  3. Organization of the library according to specific cataloging method (UDC),
  4. Tagging the collection in the database as the Miko Tripalo Collection (which will remain permanently recorded allowing easy identify of all books that belong to the collection).

The result is an electronic database which contains 632 titles. All books have been inventoried and tagged as the Miko Tripalo Collection. After processing, the books have signed and shelved according to the Universal Decimal Classification system. The catalog can be searched by title, author, subject and UDC label. The library is open to further expansion, should the Centre decide to acquire more books or accept donations.

The library program was implemented by Anka Ranić, senior librarian at the Croatian State Archives (Hrvatski državni arhiv).