Josip Šentija

Journalist and lexicographer since 1962; later Rome correspondent for the Radio and Television Zagreb. After his return to Croatia, as a member of the Croatian Spring movement, he became member of the Executive Council of the Parliament (1971–72). After the Movement was suppressed, since 1972 he worked as editor in The Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography; editor-in-chief of Opća enciklopedija /General Encyclopedia/ (1977-88). He was first director of the news agency HINA (1990-91) and adviser to the President of the Republic in 1991. He edited a collection of Miroslav Krleža’s notes to the encyclopedic texts from Krleža’s Heritage (Works of the Miroslav Krleža Leksicographic Institute, VIII–IX, 1998–99). He published memoir-based records S Krležom, poslije ’71 /With Krleža, after 1971/ (2000), Ako Hrvatske bude: zapisi iz onih godina /If There will be a Croatia: Records from Those Years/ (2005), book of conversations Razgovori s Mikom Tripalom o Hrvatskom proljeću /Conversations with Miko Tripalo about Croatian Spring/ (2005) and Jedna hrvatska sudbina: priča o Vjekoslavu Prpiću ispričana njim samim na kraju puta /One Croatian Destiny: Story of Vjekoslav Prpić Told by Him at the Very End of the Road/ (2007).